Microsoft Windows Upadte

Microsoft Windows Update Support

Microsoft Windows update consists of changes in features of operating system that can be cosmetic, security, added functionality or critical corrections within existing coded modules. It is the most important feature of operating system. Whenever any change is introduced within the existing modules, an update is released in the form of Operating system update, critical patches, Security update or Optional update as per the severity of change done. Microsoft launch updates and patches every Tuesday. Microsoft windows keep a check on attached hardware and maintain a database of software so that the hardware should work with its complete potential. Any change in the firmware or new software released from the manufacturers is also updated as new release on driver’s updates after getting digitally signed my Microsoft and launched on relevant Operating system as optional update on Patch Tuesday.

Windows Updates Troubleshooting

Microsoft windows fails to update due to malicious, corrupted or missing operating system files associated with the updates it can also get failed due to intermittent Internet connection, mismatch with pre-existing windows updates of the same version or system power failure during windows update. If the update fails due to existing updates then go to updates and security under settings and select advanced options, go to view your update history to check KB updates, if you find the Same KB number update in history then there is no need to update again or you can uninstall the KB update and install the fresh update. At times failed windows update may lead to crash windows operating system and data loss. If you are in such a critical situation and windows is crashed due to an Microsoft update the first step is to restart system and go to the recovery console to get system restore options.

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