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Windows File Explorer Crashing - Windows 10 Is your Windows file Explorer crashing after opening or on any other operation on File explorer? You are unable to access any folder or search any file through windows explorer. We understand the annoyance and frustration on this situation. This state may arise due to several issues and require complete diagnosis to narrow down to the root cause of crashing windows explorer. Performing diagnosis and finding root cause requires technical tools and expertise available with us. Call Microsoft toll-free number +1-877-475-8845 and get rid of issues related to windows 10. Direct access to certified technicians and instant resolution with complete health check and diagnosis of your system for anticipated errors and issues. Let’s fix File Explorer crashing for windows 10 Here are few steps we can perform to check and rectify this situation. 1. Perform Winsock Reset • In the search box type “CMD” • Right Click on “Command Prompt” and select “Run as Administrator” • On the command prompt type “netsh Winsock Reset” and press enter • Restart the computer - After the cursor comes back to command prompt Check for windows file explorer crashing issue 2. Perform a Clean Boot It is often seen that some 3rd party program can cause conflict with windows resulting crashing of windows file explorer. Disabling 3rd party programs during start-up of windows is also a real help in diagnosis and resolving this issue. • In the search box type “MSCONFIG” • Click on “System Configuration Utility” • In General tab click on “Selective Startup” Option • Under Selective Start-up uncheck “Load Startup Items” • Click apply and click OK • Windows System will ask you to “Restart the computer” • Click “Yes” to restart the computer Check for the explorer crashing issue if the problem persists follow Solution 3. 3. Perform System File Checker • Boot the computer is safe mode (How to go to safe mode in Windows 10) • In the search box type “CMD” • Right Click on “Command prompt” option • Select “Run as administrator” from the menu • On the Command prompt type “sfc /scannow” and press enter This will start checking the windows 10 configuration files and try to recover or repair the damaged files. However if this fails, we strongly suggest you to dial Microsoft Toll Free number +1-877-475-8845 and seek help from our experienced dedicated technicians. Our technicians will give you complete exposure of the issue your computer is facing and resolve it at peace of your mind.