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Microsoft Publisher is a desktop publishing software. It is an entry level application for designing pages. It is different from Microsoft Word as it emphasises more on page lay-out and designing where MS word works best on composition of text and proof reading. Microsoft Publisher is included in advanced and higher version of MS office package. It is a less expensive alternate for small business industry where the companies do not want to a dedicated resource for designing. Microsoft Publisher helps in making small scale but effective marketing material and other related documents with an ease.

Microsoft Word and Publisher both help in creating documents consisting of images and text however where you require desktop publishing you opt for Microsoft Publisher but not MS Word. MS Word is a very powerful text writing Tool however MS Publisher is neither behind and best for designing pages.

Publisher Advantages Publisher works like an image editing program than Word does. Using Publisher, you can select Infographics and different types of images; drag them to precise place within the document. You can't do drag and drop in Word, but you can resize images, tables and shapes. Publisher works like a desktop publishing program, you'll find it useful for making catalogs, greeting cards, newsletters, flyers and other documents that require intricate layouts and graphics.

Word Advantages Word can create newsletters and similar documents too, but not as well as Publisher. However, you wouldn't want to try to write a book or even a report using Publisher. It's possible to do that, but Word's more suited to writing legal documents, letters, articles and reports. Use Word, and you can create interactive forms that have buttons, text boxes and drop-down menus. Word has the ability to help you create automatic bibliographies, generate outlines, produce a table of contents and track changes that others make to your documents.